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Congratulations Class of 2022!

You can find all pricing for senior portraits along with a FAQ at the end of this page. If you haven't already, use the link in the black box below to schedule your senior session.

Senior Portrait Sessions by Appointment only

Prearranged Collections

By default, all galleries are set to prearranged collections. If you would like to build a custom collection, please contact Evan Pike Photography to covert your gallery.

The Essentials

1 Pose - $130

Unlimited Poses - $145

Premium Retouching +$20 per pose

Premium Luster Paper

4 - 5x7s

4 - 3.5x5s

16 Wallets

The Next Level

1 Pose - $180

Unlimited Poses - $195

Premium Retouching +$20 per pose

Premium Luster Paper

6 - 5x7s

8 - 3.5x5s

24 Wallets

The innovator

Unlimited Poses - $230

Add on one High Resolution File - $255

Premium Retouching +$20 per pose

Premium Luster Paper

1 - 8x10

6 - 5x7s

12 - 3.5x5s

24 Wallets

The Stylist

Unlimited Poses - $330

Add One High Resolution File - $355

Premium Retouching +$20 per pose

Premium Luster Paper

1 - 11x14

4 - 8x10

8 - 5x7s

12 - 3.5x5s

24 Wallets

The Trendsetter

Unlimited Poses - $370

Add One High Resolution File - $395

Premium Retouching +$20 per pose

Premium Luster Paper

2 - 11x14

4 - 8x10

8 - 5x7s

16 - 3.5x5s

32 Wallets

Custom Collection

10% off $400 - $599

20% off $600 - $999

30% off $1000 or more

Build your own collection from any of the a la carte options listed below.  Cannot combine discounts with set collections.  Contact Evan Pike Photography to convert your gallery from set collections to build your own collection. 350 minimum order.

A la Carte and Custom Collections

Build your own collection from any combination of the following items. $350 minimum order.

Prints - Premium Luster Paper

24x30 - $120

20x24 - $110

16x20 - $100

11x14 - $70

8x10 - $40

5x7 - $15

3.5x5 - $10

4 Wallets - $10

Canvas or Metal Prints

20x24 - $150

16x20 - $140

11x14 - $110

8x10 - $85

Custom Items

Acrylic Blocks

5x7 - $60

8x10 - $80

Announcements/Thank You 

24 - 5x7 Flat Cards - $100

48 - 5x7 Flat Cards - $150


Retouching (per pose) - $20

One High Resolution Image - $25

USB Drive with all High Res Images - $200

Mounting (8x10 or larger) - $40

Canvas (8x10 or larger) - $40

Metal (8x10 or larger) - $40


Senior Portraits during Covid-19

This year we will not take a drape/tux formal portrait inside it would not be sanitary to share the drape/tux between students.  Instead, both yearbook portraits will be picked from the single outdoor session. 

With our camera gear and outdoor locations, it will be easy to stay a safe distance from each other.  Two seniors my be schedule around the same time only if two photographers are available. There is no in person paperwork or information distributed.  All information is digital. 

Can I bring somebody to my session?

Yes, if you'd like to bring a friend or family member for support or to be in a photo or two with you but please keep in mind that your yearbook portrait will have to be one of only the senior and take into consideration any current health advisories. 

What are portrait requirements for the yearbook?

Every senior will pick two portraits for the yearbook, a closer headshot and another that is 1/2 or 3/4 length.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

No problem!  Please go back to booking site, find an available date/time and reply to the confirmation email that you want to change.

What if it rains?

If it looks like a quick shower that will pass, we may take cover and wait it out but if it looks like it will go on for a while, we will reschedule.  Of course we won't take portraits in severe weather and we may need to reschedule your session.  If there is a chance for severe weather, please check your email for an update on rescheduling.

When is make up day?

While there will be a make up days, dates have not been set yet.

How many outfits can I wear?

You only need one but you can bring another outfit if you'd like to change once.  Keep in mind that sessions are only 10 minutes long and you will be changing inside a restroom at school.

Do you have any outfit or makeup suggestions?

  1. Avoid shirts that are sleeveless or have very short sleeves as they will tend to over emphasize your arms. While it's tempting to wear something without sleeves because of summer weather, sleeves are more flattering in portraits.
  2. Avoid T-shirts’ with inappropriate messages.
  3. Avoid excessively baggy clothes, shirts should fit well around shoulders for a more flattering portrait.
  4. Solid and bold colors tend to photograph better than light or pastel colors or elaborate patterns that may be distracting.
  5. If you'd like to wear makeup, we suggest that your makeup should be slightly more than normal everyday wear. Avoid too much around your eyes and don't try anything new the day of your session. Even if you never wear foundation, consider wearing some to reduce shine. Due to glare, matte lipstick is recommended over lipgloss.
  6. Guys, please shave the day of your session unless you are purposely growing facial hair. 

Can I bring props?

Yes, if you'd like to bring a prop related to a hobby or sport, you are welcome to do so. Of course you may not bring anything on campus that is otherwise not allowed on campus.

Is there a minimum purchase?

The session is complimentary and purchasing is optional!

Can I pick out my yearbook portraits even if I don't purchase anything?

Yes!  Everyone will have a proofing gallery and instructions on how to pick out your yearbook portraits. 

I have my proofing gallery, how do I pick my senior portraits?

There is only one way to select your yearbook images. Please follow these steps (I promise it's easier than it looks):

1. Once you have decided on the two portraits for the yearbook, click the shopping cart icon on one of the yearbook photos.
2. A menu on the left will pop up. Click "Multi-pose" products"
3. Add the free item "Yearbook Portraits" to your cart.
4. A new popup window gives additional information about yearbook requirements, then click "add to cart" again.
5. Click "+add to this" on the left hand side. The text should update to say "1 added, 1 remaining".
6. Hover your mouse to the left or right of your first yearbook portrait to scroll to your second portrait of choice and again click "+add to this"
7. If you would like to add retouching to your yearbook portraits, this is optional and $20 per pose. This option can be found under "services." If you have any specific requests, please contact us.
8. Check out and complete the order for your free yearbook portraits.